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Simple and

Creating Notes Simplified


Create and Share your notes with students. Bookmark your favorite notes.


Organize your syllabus and notes on the tips of your fingers


Keep a tab on your revision. Stay confident with your revision.

Revision Tabs

Keep a track on Revision

Revision History will keep a check on the confidence
level of your revision.

Revision is just a Swipe away

Revision cards are displayed interactively. Tap and
slide the cards to revise.

Know the Revision number

Keep a check on the number of revisions you have
done for your notes. Now face your exams confidently.

Learn Easily

Adios Bulky Notes

Note making with the effect of Social media will
make Learning easy and Fun. The interactive interface
is designed in a way that NOTES won't feel
overwhelming anymore.

Creating Notes is Fun

In the end, it is all about NOTES. Experience an easy way to
create and share notes in the most interactive manner.

Rise your Learning

Creating and Sharing notes will make you better

Find best Tutors

Learn from the best teachers and toppers

Find Best Notes

Find the notes of Toppers and teachers

Self Study

Self-study makes all the difference

Earn from Notes

You can Sell your Notes to the Students.
(Coming Soon)

Clean design

Notes are kept in a clean and interactive manner

Preparation Covered
0 %

Smart Studies

Cover all your preparation here. Find Teachers
and Toppers and also focus on your Self Study.


You make the Choice

Choose Teachers and Notes

You are the BOSS. Choose from the best of the best.
Now, You have the choice.

Find what best for you

Follow the best Teachers and Toppers.
Learn how to ace the exams.

Surround yourself with Toppers

Studying is not everything. Learn how to build confidence.
Learn from the people who have aced the exam.

Download the app now.

Create Notes and share it with your friends and the world.