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Our present Study Cycle, the classic 3R's

we read


We read the books, pretty soon we lose interest. We try to concentrate again but all we end up is pretend studying, without comprehending.



We start rote-learning, repeat the contents, to learn them verbatim. We try different tricks like mnemonics, flash-cards etc. But we get overwhelm as we have no idea how many of them we can make. And in the end find ourselves rote learning again.

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We try to recall, we are overwhelmed with the information and now have no idea, how to recall. Frustration sweeps us, and we always find that we can recall only a handful of information that we learn.

“I try to read my course books, they are boring. 
I feel like sleeping whenever I try 
to read.”
“I read my course books, they make 
sense to me but its too
 much information to mug up.”


“I read my course books, I revise them,
but I don’t feel confident in exams.”

How we are going to pull you out of "3R" study cycle

Replace Reading with Observation

Get ready to Observe like Sherlock Holmes.
When you observe things and contents they automatically become interesting. The big WORDS you were afraid of earlier- when observe closely, will become a child’s play.


Visualizing the Content

Our system and techniques will help you to create
images whilst reading. 
You will realize the  potential of  your brain, and what it
can do, if you allow it to visualize.
creating memory links

Creating Memory Links

You’ll learn to create the memory links or the m-links of the visual images. The tools like mnemonics, peg system etc will start making more sense to you. You’ll see the practical usage in our content that we’ll provide you with this system.
Current Affairs by Vizmins
Organizing the Visual Image
The system teaches you to 
connect the contents. You may not even have to open your reference note books 
to revise.  Your data in your memory will be stacked
in the most efficient manner.

Psychology on Visual Memory

“Our Brain is mainly an IMAGE processor, not a WORD processor.”

“Words are abstract and rather difficult for the brain to retain, whereas
visuals are concrete and as such, more easily remembered.”
“There are countless studies that have confirmed the power of visual imagery in learning.”
“You recognize the brand by seeing the visual graphic, even before reading the name of the brand.”


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