Observation Power

Observation vs. Reading

Observation is searching for answers not just plain looking. So if we have to really remember something or we are interested in it, we’ll observe it otherwise we’ll just plain read it.
It goes in the same fashion when you meet someone, if you are interested in that person you’ll notice every detail about that person, and chances are that you are going to remember that person for a long time, but if you don’t have much interest in a person, you’ll not observe that person and there are many chances that you don’t remember them at all.
In our system we drive you to observe more than just plain sighting or reading. When you observe a word or a sentence, you tend to remember it more.
It works in this fashion –

  1. When you are going to read/see something, you are going to ask yourself some sets of questions, like what is it?
  2. Write down points you observe (With time and practice you don’t have to write down your questions and observations).

Try it,
Please read it, in a way you’d usually read it.
The electromagnetic spectrum includes, from longest wavelength to shortest:
radio waves, microwaves, infrared, optical, ultraviolet, X-rays, and gamma-rays.


Now try to recall what you just read. Could you recall the whole thing, just by reading it?
May be yes to some people but for most, it is not. The reason of this surety is that not many people have interest in learning such technical stuff.
But to remember this you just need a keen observation.
By OBSERVING this, you’ll find some very interesting points which may not be pure science but it will help you remember this for longer time.
Take out your note book and a pen and try to write what you have observed reading the statement and the diagram and what can you conclude out of these observations.
List out your Observations and Conclusions.

Here, we are providing you with our Observations and Conclusions.
Remember, there may be differences in your observations and concluions with ours. But this DOESN’T mean that your observations and conclusions are wrong.
We strongly believe that everyone is unique and has a different way to view the world. It may be the case that you OBSERVE this diagram in a totally different way.

  • Electromagnetic spectrum (Lets say we have no idea what this is, but is an axis where different kind of rays lies).
  • Wavelength (Lets say no idea what this is but it can be read as Wave + Length, so it can be Wave’s Length).
  • You use them or hear about them in everyday use.
  • The rays are ordered in ascending order from left to right.
  • Visible light is in the centre of it.
  • Visible light has VIBGYOR (Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red) colors.
  • Left of Violet is Ultra Violet.
  • Right of Red is Infra-Red.
  • In alphabetical order U comes after X and here also X-rays are adjacent to UV rays.
  • Gamma ray which is denoted as Y and is adjacent to X-ray.
  • Microwave rays which we use for heating purposes, is next to infra RED (sign for hot).
  • Now just by observing we can draw a line and can put “visible light” at center.
  • Next we put UV left of Violet (as only place vacant was left to it).
  • We put Infrared rays right to red (as only place vacant was right to it).
  • Place X rays next to UV.
  • Place Y rays next to X-rays.
  • Place microwave rays next to Infra red rays.
  • The only place left is for Radio waves.

Observation Teaser

Now try to complete this diagram,

Were you able to answer these questions?

If not, DON’T worry. Now you know the area to work. We’ll help you with observation techniques.

If you were, please conduct the same test tomorrow. You just need to close your eyes, visualize a line(an axis) and just start placing the rays in ascending order.

You see just by pure observing we can learn, remember and recall something which is as complicated as Science.


Visualization Power

Background of Visualization

Our brain is the champion of visuals and visuals only, this can be corroborated by the pictorial script that our ancestors created.

Observe that they used pictorial representation as Script. Whatever they observed they drew it to read for later.
In later times, script got complicated and it came into being as we study them nowdays. We’ve trained our brains(with practice) to understand alphabets and numbers, but these in reality make no sense to our brain. You can observe that how hard it is for a kid to learn these alphabets and numbers, and we use so many images to make them learn the alphabets- A for APPLE etc. Consider this,
Please try to read the following,

  • שלום
  • 你好
  • হ্যালো
  • こんにちは

Our friends who know Hebrew, Chinese, Bangla, Japanese can read the word written next to a, b, c, d respectively. But for us who don’t know any of these languages these are just plain drawings or random lines, just like the ancient scripts above. It is just “HELLO” written in respective scripts.

The crux is, that our brain is mainly an image processor, not a word processor. It is the world’s best Graphical chipset. We dream, we fantasize, we daydream and some times it feels so real. You must have observe when you talk to your friends and talking about past memories, you feel like as if you’ve just relived those moments.
You know that you possess this tool, all of us have it, but we prefer rote learning for remembering rather than this beautiful gift of visual power.
We are not using this as much as we should and this is causing our visual power, our creativity to fade away with time, in other words we are killing it.

About Visual powers

Visual power is the ability of human beings to visualize, dream, day-dream and fantasize. The first thing to understand is that “we all possess this”. This ability makes us creative, and allows us to think, create and invent.
However usage of visualization has been considered inefficient and insignificant– “Stop day-dreaming” “Stop Fantasizing”, these are some of the statements you might have encountered from your parents and teachers at some point of time in your life. But if it makes us creative then why does our society consider this as insignificant??
This is because if we use our visual powers randomly, without any productivity than it is actually a waste of time. But if used as a tool, you can create a whole new world, like J.K. Rowling created in her Harry Potter books.

Let’s see how your visualization works.

Below you see two blocks, and two words written on it. Now, when you read these words, you will observe that you instantly visualize them.

If you are not able to visualize these, than try hovering the mouse over the text.


Map Of Africa

Did you see that you can visualize instantly, when you see or read something which you already know.

Now, let’s try something which you may not know, try to visualize these.

  • Alain Berset
  • Brunei

Can you visualize these words, there may be a chance you’ve heard these names but you can’t visualize them.
This the problem with simple reading, when you can’t understand or don’t already know, something which you are trying to read; It starts to bore you. You don’t want to read it anymore.

Here is where your creativity comes and you need to visualize with what you already know.
Observe these words, don’t try to read these words as name of a person or name of a country. Try to do a little word-play , break these words and try to find if you can make something out of it.

1. Let’s try with ALAIN BERSET

  • We can read ALAIN as “ALLEN” or “ELLEN”
  • Think, do you know any ALLEN?
  • Here are our ALLENS, use only one of them..

Ellen Degeneres

Barry Allen

For BERSET, we can read as BARSAT (Hindi word for “RAIN”)


Now that you have visualized Alain Berset, you need to use your creativity to link both these words. You can visualize ALLEN harper in the house and rain(BARSAT) is pouring only on him and no one else.
Note: We could’ve provide you with an animation but nothing can match the graphics of your brain.

It seems like quite an effort to remember one name but with some practice, it won’t take much time and you will remember this name for longer time. Congrats, you just learned the name of Switzerland’s Prime Minister.

What's Killing Visualization

So if we have these amazing visual powers and all the techniques to learn, why are we not using them?
There could be many reasons but we believe that we are trying so hard to make the outer environment easier for comforting lifestyle. We have created computers, tablets, smart phones to make our jobs easier but unfortunately we have become more dependent on them than ever. We don’t remember important phone numbers as our smart phones do that for us. We don’t remember our friends’ birthdates as we have social networking websites to do that.
We are not trying harder to make our inner-selves better and this is where we want to work with you.
Guys we are not against tech but not using our brains to do what it is meant to be, is killing your creativity and visual powers. Too much dependence on watching videos and spending less time on reading books is stopping your brain growth.
PLEASE, spend more time READING BOOKS!!
Reading books can enhance your visual powers like nothing else. In movies, TV series the production houses choose characters for you but while reading books it’s you, who does that.
See friends what we are providing here is not some magic trick but we want you to invest in yourself, enhance your capacity to be creative and quickly visualize.
Here are some Dos and Don’ts that we want from you.

Visual Power for Memorizing

Why are we putting so much emphasis on visualization and not on memory techniques?
Guys the memory techniques like link system, peg system, memory palace etc. are there for so long, but their usage are still not prevalent because all of these require creativity, and creativity requires some learning and discipline.
Visual powers come from your brain, it uses your memory to visualize but how to use it efficiently can be learned.
Psychological studies have proved that our brain is an image processor and not a word processor; it means that images come naturally to us.
So, if we have to understand something and if we could visualize it, there are much better chances that we remember it.
Consider this, someone tells you an address of a restaurant or a relative’s house, they tell you about some street name or some important place which you already know; you instantly visualize these streets and it becomes easier for you to reach to the destination (yes, I know now we have Google maps for directions).
The point here is that no software can match the speed and graphics of our brain. If we use it to remember things you will be surprised with its potential.

Benefits of Visualisation in studies

So how does visualization helps us in studies?
We now know that our brain processes images. We also know that our brain is capable to play with those images.
We are provided with the mental power to create scenarios on our brain. However, our brain mostly uses this to show us negative images, which is the major reasons for procrastination and depression. Our brain quickly create images in order to show how hard a path can be?
But we can use this in positive manner, we can create visuals which can be stored in our sub conscious brain, to help us study in learning facts.
If by using, some character names or objects which are already present in out sub-conscious brain, and visualize them in some way or other to connect it with some information (as seen in Alain Berset example), studying and learning new fact will become piece of cake.
Remember this, this is the natural way your brain perceives information. You’ve been told to remember this, remember that, but you are never told, how to remember.
Visualization is the way to learn, try this method and you will see the difference.